Lazy Eye

Lazy Eye

“Lazy Eye” can mean many things to many different people. In eye care we use the term amblyopia to describe an eye(s) with poor vision (worse than 20/20) even when wearing best correction (glasses or contact lenses).  Generally, amblyopia will only develop in children if the problem starts before the age of 6.  Luckily, amblyopia can be treated at almost any age!

5 Reasons Why You Should Have Your Cataracts Removed

5 Reasons Why You Should Have Your Cataracts Removed

Cataract removal is an elective surgery. If your cataract is severe Dr. Copeland will make a definite recommendation for removal. Otherwise, she will discuss with you whether or not you want to be referred to a cataract surgeon for removal. This blog post discusses 5 reasons why you should say yes to the referral.

Trunk Show

For our 1 Year Anniversary Celebration we will be having a trunk show featuring OVVO Optics and Prada Eyewear. But what is an optical trunk show? Read this blog to find out more.

What is a Trunk Show?

A trunk show is an event where vendors present their merchandise directly to the the customer. Trunk shows are popular for many retail vendors.

What to Expect at an Optical Trunk Show?

An optical trunk show can feature one or many different frame vendors. This is an opportunity to see more of the eyewear collection than what is found in our office. This means more styles, colors, and possibly even new products. The eyewear is available to try on at the time of the event. The representative from the frame company is also there to answer any specific questions about the brand or eyewear.

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Who Can Attend an Trunk Show?

Anyone is welcome to attend!

Why Attend Innovative Eye Care’s Trunk Show?

Our trunk show will feature OVVO Optics and Prada Eyewear. Not only will you be able to see more of both collections, but special discounts are also available for orders placed during the event. These discounts are: $50 off all orders, an additional $50 off self pay no-line bifocal orders, 50% off all complete 2nd pair orders, and up to $100 off Prada and OVVO frame orders. There will be raffle prizes with chances to items such as Rayban sunglasses and a pair of prescription lenses. Snacks and drinks will also be provided.

Come Celebrate with Us!