5 Reasons Why You Should Have Your Cataracts Removed

Cataract removal is an elective surgery. If your cataract is severe Dr. Copeland will make a definite recommendation for removal. Otherwise, she will discuss with you whether or not you want to be referred to a cataract surgeon for removal. Below are 5 reasons why you should say yes to the referral.

Enjoy Clearer More Vibrant Vision

A cataract is a cloudy lens located inside your eye. You have to look through this cloudy lens when viewing the world. The cloudy lenses causes your vision to be blurred and dulls colors. Unfortunately, since your glasses are located outside your eye there is point where changing the prescription will not affect the cataract inside your eye. During surgery, your cloudy cataract is removed and a clear implant is put in its place. After surgery, you will be looking through the clear implant instead of your natural cloudy lens. Your vision will be clearer and colors will be much brighter.

Be Less Dependent on Glasses

As stated above, a clear implant replaces your cloudy lens. There are many different options for the implant, not everyone gets the same one. The surgeon will talk to you about your implant options. All implants help reduce your need for distance glasses, some more than others. Some implants can even help you see up close.

Avoid Scheduling Conflicts

In most cases, you will not undergo surgery at your first visit with the cataract surgeon. The cataract surgeon wants to evaluate the lens and discuss the procedure with you before scheduling the the surgery. Depending on the cataract surgeon and time of year, you may need to wait several weeks before your initial evaluation. After surgery, the cataract surgeon or Dr. Copeland will follow up with you on a regular basis while your eye heals. This means multiple visits with the eye doc. It is hard to predict what your schedule will be like in the future. If you have time now, it is best to get the ball rolling.

Avoid Worsening Vision

Although cataracts are usually slowly progressing, they are always getting worse. Once a cataract starts to affect your vision slightly it is only a matter of time before it becomes more significant. Unfortunately, there is not a good way to predict when this will happen. There is also no way for you to slow the progression. Once your cataract is causing you significant problems, you will want to have it removed quickly. As stated above, it can take awhile to have the surgery. Again, its better to start the process when the cataract is a small annoyance verses a big problem.

One Time Surgery

Cataract surgery very rarely needs to be repeated. The implant may need to be cleaned of some scar tissue, an in office procedure. After the initial surgery, you’ll never need to go through the whole surgery again. Instead, you can enjoy all the benefits listed above for the rest of your life!