Visually Impaired Services

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Anyone with noncorrectable reduced vision is visually impaired, and can have a wide range of problems. Losing one’s sight should not equal losing one’s independence.

Low Vision REhabilitation SErvices

A low vision evaluation focuses on how the patient is functioning with his current level of sight. This evaluation complements the care the patient is already receiving from his eye specialist who is managing the patient’s sight reducing condition.

Who should receive a low vision eXAM?

Any patient both young and old struggling with daily tasks because of vision is a good candidate for a low vision rehabilitation evaluation.  Complaints may include:

  • Struggling to read

  • Trouble watching TV

  • Blind spots in field of view

  • Double vision

  • Light sensitivity indoors & outdoors

What does a low vision eXAM involve?

Low Vision rehabilitation exam is patient specific. The evaluation may include:

  • Visual Field Evaluation

  • Glare Management

  • Device Selection and Use

    • Hand Held & electronic Magnifiers

  • Technology Modifications Discussion & Demonstration

  • Bioptic Telescope Fit for Driving

  • Discussion of Community Services Available for the Visually Impaired

WhY HAVE a low vision EXAM?

A low vision evaluation should be a positive patient experience. Benefits may include:   

  • Maintain Independence

  • Perform Activities of Daily Living with Confidence

  • Improved Attitude Towards Vision Loss

  • Better Understand of Devices & Services Available for the Visually Impaired

  • Increased Knowledge of Sight Reducing Eye Condition

Is a referral needed for a low vision EXAM?

No, a doctor referral is not needed for a low vision evaluation. If you or someone you know is struggling because of vision, you can schedule your own appointment. If you feel more comfortable discussing this with your doctor first, the doctor can send a referral.